Tax Benefits Of A Home-Based Business
Please Note: The information on this page is NOT meant to be Tax Advice.
Please consult your accountant before taking any action 

Your Home Based Business with Joy to Live gives you tremendous tax advantages. The tax advantages alone may be worth more than what you spend on your auto-ship each month.

However if you want YOUR Joy to Live business to become a very BIG business, you have to run it and treat it as a very serious business. The true success of a small business is that after it is built up, that the business will continue to grow & thrive even if the owner takes a prolonged period of time off. That is very rare in a brick & mortar business.

With YOUR Joy to Live business, if you follow the 6 Characteristics of Professional Network Marketers while YOUR  business is being built, you will not only have a serious & truly successful business. You will have a business that will take on a life of its own, for you & your children's, children!

These are the 6 characteristics:

1. Show up every day and do what is necessary – take ACTION!
2. Self-Starter - don’t need anyone to inspire them.
3. Belief in what they are doing and the products and opportunity they represent.
4. Self-Educator – In any industry there is a learning curve. always learning and growing.
5. Responsible - taking responsibility for their own success or failure. They know. “If it is to be, It’s up to ME.”
6. Invest in their Business – From buying & using products to training, advertising, etc. They invest time and money in their business.

We want to talk about characteristic #6 in particular, investing money in marketing.

Marketing money spent that gets results offers the greatest return. The only thing that matters is return on investment. What type of return do you realize from someone that joins your organization as a result of money spent on marketing? How much could each recruit that gets plugged into the marketing & training and in turn goes out & duplicates & duplicates & duplicates be worth to YOUR business over time?

Choose ways that you are comfortable doing, test & track them on a smaller scale & the ones that work for you, those are the ones you want to put your marketing dollars to work on. As your business grows and as you grow, you will have more confidence to step out of your comfort zone to try other marketing methods.

Marketing can be another form of Geometric Progression, as your Income rises you spend more on marketing that works, which in turn gives you bigger results quickly, that in turn builds your team even bigger which causes more Geometric Progression and increases your monthly income even more! WOW What a Business!

Some Examples of Some Tax Benefits (check with your accountant):

  • Advertising, leads, promotions, flyers, door hangers & Post Card Campaigns
  • Business use of your car or truck
  • Marketing tools and office supplies
  • Hire your kids to work in your business - If you hire them to work for you, you can deduct what you pay them as a business expense.
  • Write off the business use portion of your home and/or mobile phone, as well as your internet service.
  • Gifts, meals, recreation and entertainment expenses
  • Turn your next lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant, golf game or other sporting event into a tax deductible business expense.
  • Computers, furniture, furnishings, and other office equipment
  • Desks, chairs, copy machine, fax machines, laptops, printers are all tax deductible business expenses.
  • Business travel that may include a family vacation
  • Build a library of MLM Training & write it off
  • Meetings and conventions - local, out of state, or in another country
  • Record Keeping — The Name of the Game
  • Accounting software that can save a lot of time and can help to organize your financials.
Tax Strategies For Network Marketers: