What compels you to build a network marketing business? To achieve your purpose and vision that often requires you to step out of your current comfort zone and decisively design your own life without limitations. Never underestimate the power of purpose, the desire to make a difference in driving you forward in your business.Getting clear on why your business is important to you will help you stay the course during the good and bad times.

Craft your vision and embed it into your subconscious mind. Once you have expanded your thoughts about what's possible, write a vision of your life 3 to 4 years from now. You want your vision to compel you to move forward with unstoppable passion. Include a clear view of your business, finances, physical health, mental health, spiritual health, relationships, learning and recreation. Post your vision either in writing or in photos on a vision board where you can view it daily. Every time you study your vision you will feel the emotions that accompany it such as satisfaction, peace, excitement, confidence and joy. The reason you do this is because the subconscious mind does not distinguish an experience that is real and one that is imagined with great clarity & emotion. We are drawn to that which we focus on so that the roadblocks do not become major obstacles in achieving our vision and a written vision or imagery makes your vision come alive.

Knowing your why not only keeps you going during rough times but helps you to identify with your down line members or new prospects on whats important to them. Once you know what they want and need you can make your presentations or motivation more relevant to them. Ask yourself what is important to me? Once you've answered that, ask a follow-up question of why. Keep doing that until you have asked why up to 5 times and you'll get to the heart of what will inspire you to move forward with passion.

Example: Lets say you identified money
Why do I want money?
So I can invest for retirement
Why do I want to invest for retirement?
So I don't have to worry about living in poverty in my later years
Why am I concerned about that?
Because I don't want to be dependent on anyone
Why don't you want to be dependent?
Because I'm very independent and want to remain that way for the rest of my life
Why do you want to remain independent?
Because I want to live a life of dignity

Once you have your vision and why does your road map, action plan and strategy match up to make it achievable? Does the math add up?


Experiencing time freedom to do what I want
The fun of a new challenge
Having the ability to make a difference
Distributing life changing products to the world

Having more time with kids
Spending more time with your family
Improving my home
Funding my children's education
Buying a better vehicle

Paying off my mortgage

Quitting your job Looking after my health
Making new friends
Becoming my own boss
Practice philanthropy
Travel whenever and wherever I want
To work from home
To improve my skills
To help others

For financial freedom

For tax benefits
To retire sooner
Extra income

Establishing a community of people with shared values
Taking more vacations
Making life more financially comfortable